About us

A short introduction of myself:

My name is Sandra, I am an energetic young lady from Holland.
I am always looking for nice, useable goods; on the internet, in shops, at markets. You can find me anywhere looking for things to make myself, or others, happy. This hobby has been the basis for my webshop MOOITEKOOP.NU.

I search for nice products, and while I am doing this, other people have the chance to profit from this as well. From home, from the couch, or behind the computer, it is my goal to continuously find beautiful products, so that the webshop can stay filled. Not with the same items all of the time, but instead of that, with more unique items.

“What you see, is what you get” is the slogan of my webshop. The productphoto’s are made by myself as well (another hobby of mine), and I try to show and describe the strong and weak parts of my products as acurately as possible. The article in the picture is also the product that you will buy.

Perhaps you are looking for something special yourself and you cannot find it? You can contact me through the contact form; maybe I am able to find it for you.

I am also open for any suggestions or comments on my webshop, so that I can improve MOOITEKOOP.NU and make it an even more successfull webshop.

Enjoy shopping!